Are you searching for a new LED school sign?

Custom LED school signs provide important information to students, parents and teachers at the same time.  These signs can be updated with new important information can be a valuable tool for school boards.  There are many benefits of bringing an LED school sign to your campus.

Show student acknowledgments, teacher appreciation, promote fundraisers and thank volunteers for their time. Installing a school LED sign provides a means of communication between your school and its community. Communication between faculty and parents on important issues such as report cards is easy.  Displaying important information can be a helpful tool to parents.  Information reminding them of holidays and vacations can be a good visual tool to remember important  dates.  They will thank you for the reminders and updates to their daily schedule.

Every school wants to support its athletics. Encourage students, family and friends to come out and support the big games.  LED school signs can say what is most important to your community.  Whether your school is a technical school and focuses on vocational training, or a high school that wants to encourage better grades, adding the right LED school sign can help.

A good school LED sign can cut back on the schools outgoing phone calls as well. A sign that reminds everyone about school finals, deadlines, events and even birthdays can be valuable addition to any school campus.

Maybe you would like to remind people that there is no smoking on your campus.   Enforcing and displaying your rules on the LED school sign emphasizes the important rules. Whatever important issue your school wants to emphasize, we can help. With an LED school sign made by Black Parrot Sign Studio’s your campus LED sign will make the grade.

At Black Parrot Sign Studios, we are a full service custom sign  company located in Tustin, California, and we serve the entire surrounding Orange County area.  If you need an LED school sign, or any other kind of sign for your business, give us a call. We would like to help.


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Written By: Black Parrot Sign Studios – Tustin, CA