Partial Wrap – Lido Live Mercedes Sprinter Van

The folks over at Lido Live asked us to wrap this beautiful, custom Mercedes Sprinter Van in psychedelic colors. You may see them videotaping events around town (that’s what they do!). They were nice enough to break out their drone and capture this video of their new vehicle making its debut after leaving the Black Parrot garage.

Black Parrot Wraps

Black Parrot knows that any type of vehicle graphics mean a significant investment on your part.  The key word is “investment” and as far as investments go, vehicle wraps are one of the best!  The chart to the right shows that if you want your brand to be seen, there is no better bang for your buck than investing in vehicle graphics.  You will be seen on your way to work, at the coffee shop, when you’re out on errands, and even while your vehicle is parked and you are hard at work.  Compared to other forms of advertising (Newspaper, TV, Billboards, etc) you pay far less per view when you invest your money in vehicle graphics!

Once you make the decision to proceed.  You need to ensure that the company you choose for your project has a proven track record, uses only top of the line vinyl and laminate materials, and they stand behind their work.  The quality of materials will directly impact how durable your wrap will be. We want to ensure that your new graphic will resist fading and cracking and be beautiful for years to come.  That is why Black Parrot only uses the finest cast vinyl and laminate for our wraps.

Before installation, we will work closely with you to ensure that your custom vehicle wrap meets all of your marketing requirements. You will get the chance to review and approve your graphics before they are ever placed on your vehicle. We want you to be thrilled!

With proper care after installation, your wrap should be beautiful for years to come.  Wrap your vehicle today and watch your business recognition climb!

Wraps – the Best Value for Your Advertising Dollar

Some of the many types of vehicle wraps we produce are:

  • Car wraps and graphics
  • Cargo van wraps and graphics
  • Bus wraps and graphics
  • Custom wraps and graphics
  • Boat wraps and graphics
  • Full vehicle wraps and graphics
  • Partial vehicle wraps and graphics
  • Trailer wraps and graphics
  • Specialty wraps and graphics

Vinyl Removal and Full Wrap – Large Box Truck

The old vinyl lettering had been baked for over a decade in the sun of Vegas and Southern California… a very difficult removal. Once the new vinyl was in place, this older vehicle was transformed into a mobile billboard for Discount Movers.

Partial Wrap – Aqua Pool Tile

This time-lapse will give you a good idea of what goes into a wrap. It’s tedious and time-consuming… but we love it!

Partial Wrap – Toyota Sienna

This partial wrap for Pacific Shores utilized the existing dark blue color of the vehicle. By integrating the existing color into the design we avoided wrapping the roof, hood, and parts of the front fenders – providing the customer with significant cost savings.

Full Wrap – Toyota Sienna

This Toyota Sienna used to be a cream color that proved to be unpopular. The dealership decided that instead of selling it at a discount, they would come to Black Parrot for a full wrap. Now they have a beautiful new courtesy vehicle.

Partial Wrap – Utility Truck

This design uses the white paint color of the truck to maximize the impact of the wrap. O’Corra Termite now advertises their brand wherever they travel.