Vehicle Decals and Vehicle Lettering often get your message across as well as a wrap. If done right they should be attention-grabbing and easy to read.

Just like with a wrap, you want to ensure that your supplier is using the finest materials for your lettering and graphics.  If you use premium material your lettering and graphics should look great for years to come!

Decals and Lettering on Dime Racing Super Car

Now here’s an awesome vehicle we had the pleasure of working on with the Dime Racing Team of Huntington Beach. Graphics don’t always have to be for advertising, often times they are used for identification or sponsorship information. Since adding decals to this gorgeous Mercedes AMG Super Car we can honestly brag about having some of the fastest vinyl out there!

Decals for Group’s Trailer

This group of YMCA campers upgraded their plain black trailer. They now stand out among all the other groups they camp with.

Lettering for First Rate Plumbing

Sometimes standard cut vinyl lettering does a beautiful job of dressing up a vehicle. In this case, the customer wanted a shadow effect that was achieved by mounting letters on top of slightly larger lettering to give it a 3-dimensional look.

Vehicle Decal for Salvation Army

The Salvation Army chose a simple decal that accomplishes everything you would want; simple, easily-identifiable, and attention-grabbing!

Lettering and Graphic for Herbert’s Dog Training

This design looks very clean while advertising all of Herbert’s services.

Lettering for Pacific Staging

The two-tone lettering on a gray background really makes this simple lettering design pop.