Your external business signs are the first thing your customers see when they visit your facility.  Those signs not only generate awareness for your business but they also establish credibility.  The right business signs mean a great deal to your company. Whether it is an illuminated monument sign, channel letters over your door, or acrylic/foam letters on the side of your building – these building signs do a great deal to establish your brand and distinguish your location.

At Black Parrot Sign Studio, we specialize in all types of custom building signs. Here is a list of some of the most common building signs that may interest you and your company;

Common Building Signs

  • Address Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Commercial Signs
  • Directional / Wayfinding Signs
  • Monument Signs

Sign Requirements

We have worked on buildings nationwide. Sometimes property managers and companies have trouble compromising. The company’s style guide says one thing, but it happens to be prohibited in the complex or city. Black Parrot is here to support you through the whole process.

Channel Letters

This set of LED channel letters perfectly mixes the company name and logo. For nice nighttime illumination always use top quality translucent materials.

Foam Sign with Aluminum Face

A lot of people don’t understand that most of these types of signs are actually made from a very durable foam material. This makes them more affordable and lighter for long-term installation. This particular sign has a thin aluminum face that gives it a very finished look. The foam edges are painted to match the face.

Monument Sign

A monument sign serves as the first impression of your company or your community. It should be beautiful and noticeable while clearly advertising your brand.

Channel Letters

These channel letters do a great job of advertising this new location from anywhere in the center. When signs contain a lot of lettering it is even more important to find an experience high quality manufacturer and installer to ensure all letters match in spacing and illumination.

Marquee Panel Sign

Most illuminated sign cabinets use a polycarbonate panel with the company name and logo cut out of translucent vinyl in order to shine well at night. Also notice the nice matching window graphic in this photo.

Address Letters

When you are a successful business it is important to be easily found. Part of that is making sure your building is properly identified. Large address numbers make that happen – whether they are made of durable foam, a foam back with metal face, acrylic or all aluminum. Some even illuminate their address numbers.

Post and Panel

This large post and panel sign has a sign face made of UV-protected polycarbonate and translucent vinyl. We even installed tracks for removable letters to be slid in place to advertise the most current business information.