We recently built and installed a beautiful and unique lobby sign for CKO Kickboxing in Huntington Beach.  The owners had a cool design chosen but they were looking for unique materials to bring it to life.  We routed the design pattern into a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of brushed aluminum and then mounted that brushed aluminum onto a 3/8” black PVC backer.  Initially we discussed using large matte black stand-offs but we felt the black was pulling attention away from the aluminum so we utilized matching brushed aluminum stand-offs.

Once the sign was fabricated and in our Tustin garage, we used block paper to make a template of the hole locations on the sign.  That way when we arrived at CKO, we were able to simply place the paper template on the wall and have the customer review the placement and request any adjustments.  Once we had approval, we used our template to mark the hole locations on the wall.  With that done, installing the actual sign is easy.  We drill and install drywall anchors, attach stand-offs, and simply slide the sign onto the stand-offs and install the caps to hold the sign in place.  The result is a beautiful centerpiece for CKO’s reception area.