If you’ve worked with Black Parrot before, you probably know one of us will come looking for your logo in a “vector format”. At first you might have assumed that it was a high-resolution jpg, but then you got another email, asking for the “vector” AGAIN….maybe your rolled your eyes, searched for the file, attempted to track down the original artist, or pulled out your hair. We are sorry for any headaches the vector files may have caused, but we understand the frustration better than anyone.

Why We Need Vectors:

  1. Vectors can be infinitely stretched to size without distortion or pixelation.
  2. Vectors files “layers” which contain detailed info about the art.
  3. Original vector files allow us to duplicate your artwork which ensures branding and trademark consistency.
  4. Accurately displays colors.

To sum things up, vectors take out a lot of guess-work and streamline the design/printing process. They also save you time and money. (Even if it feels like a pain up front)

Can’t find your vector files? 

No, worries! Our talented graphic designers can recreate your logo as a vector graphic. It might take a couple a couple extra emails, but they can match anything.

Common Vector File Extensions:

*some PDF’s are vector compatible