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Decals and letting are a great way to get your message and branding across without the expense of a large wrap project.


A vehicle color change is an ideal way to bring an older car back to life, protect the paint job of a newer car, or just get in on the latest looks!


Whether you are looking for a partial wrap or a full wrap, we are here to help make your design stand out.


When you are looking for a company to do your fleet graphics, you need a quick turn around and high quality. Look no further!

How much time do you and your staff spend driving each week? Wouldn’t you love to benefit from all of that visibility and unproductive time? Simply install graphics or even a full wrap on your vehicles and continue driving – your brand recognition will immediately start to rise in your surrounding community! Whether you own a single car, an entire fleet of vehicles, a truck, a bus; vehicle graphics and wraps are perfect for marketing your business on-the-go.

Black Parrot’s wraps, graphics, and lettering are surprisingly affordable, and your one-time advertising cost quickly pays for itself. Vehicle wraps and graphics have been proven to offer a lower cost per consumer impression than any other standard advertising method.  Here at Black Parrot, we use the finest cast vinyl materials and laminates to ensure resistance to fading and cracking. The beauty and durability of your graphics rely on these quality materials, as well as careful installation and your care after installation. Black Parrot loves vehicle graphics and would be proud to help you with your next graphic project. Call us today!