When you have a fleet of vehicles, you have a fleet of mobile billboards. Fleet graphics are an extremely valuable and cost-effective way of getting across your message – whether it is a Marketing campaign or whether is direct advertising for your company brand.

When looking for someone to handle your fleet graphics you need to look at quality, cost, and turn-around time.  At Black Parrot, we pride ourselves on giving you the best combination of those three qualities.

Call us today and allow us to show you what we can do to make your Fleet Graphics stand out!

Fleet Graphics for the Superior Court of LA

When the Superior Court wanted to institute a new marketing campaign, they cam to Black Parrot for full wraps (minus the roof) on their entire fleet.

Budget Blinds Needed a Refresh

The Budget Blinds franchise is particular about what goes on their vehicles. If all their fleet graphics are similar in appearance, what do you do to distinguish your vehicle? We concentrate on quality, spending time up front to design the print job to minimize the seams in the vinyl. You had to search really hard to find any seams on this vehicle.

Applied Medical – Keeping the Fleet Current

Applied Medical in RSM periodically reviews their fleet graphics and updates the vehicles that have worn vinyl wraps. By updating older vehicles they are not only keeping the fleet current, they may also be saving money. The difference in price can be staggering between removing an old wrap and removing a wrap that is just a few years old.

What a Difference a (New) Wrap Makes…

What we will remember most about this project is the removal. The old wraps had been baking in the sun for years. After over 30 man-hours of removal, these two trucks were ready for install. Now they rejoin the fleet, looking like brand new vehicles!

Hendrick’s Gin Required Fleet Transformation

What a cool project! This small fleet (4 vehicles) was all white when they arrived at Black Parrot – but Hendrick’s Gin wanted them to be Olive Green to match the blimp they just launched… that’s right, they wanted them to match their blimp!
Complete wraps (including decals on the roofs) and they were ready to chase the blimp from city to city across the United States!

Fleet Graphics for the Local Salvation Army

Who doesn’t love the Salvation Army? We had the honor of helping them with their local vehicles. A very simple, yet beautiful, design to brand their standard vehicles and a fun design for the buses that carry their children.

Same Message Across Different Vehicle Types

The Superior Court’s fleet is just about all vans but they also had a few box trucks. Black Parrot modified the van design to fit their box trucks and maintain a uniform look and message for their Marketing campaign.