Those of us who golf understand that it is fun to have targets on the driving range.  They give us something to aim at and often they make a noise when you hit them – just to let everyone know how good (or lucky) you were.  Tustin Ranch Golf Club had a very big target on their range but they had two big issues with it.  The large aluminum structure wasn’t very good looking and some of the neighbors had complained that the golf balls hitting the aluminum was too loud.  We let them know there was a solution to both issues.  We wrapped this 11 foot tall target with a graphic incorporating the golf club’s corporate logo.  This allowed them to improve aesthetics while also further promoting the club’s brand.  We also chose a high quality 3M vinyl along with a thick carpet laminate.  The carpet laminate is twice the thickness of a standard laminate (6 mils).  This not only deadened the sound of golf balls but it also provides far more protection and durability to the vinyl.   The end product was a beautiful target that no longer wakes the neighbors.