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Flag Styles and Heights

Spike Base for Grass & Dirt

The spike base shown here is the base used to fly your flags outdoors on grass or dirt. The base can be left in place or pulled back out of the ground.

Cross Base Option for Hard Floors

The cross base shown here allows flags to fly indoors or on hard surface outdoors.

Tent Styles

Frame Quality

This graphic gives you a good idea of how the quality of the frame can vary from tent-to-tent. The majority of our tents utilizes 40mm hexagonal legs but there is a higher level and many lower levels of quality. We can help you match the highest quality with your budget.

Heat Press Graphic

This tent is a popular version that has one valence and one peak application. It uses a one color logo on a standard color tent.

Black Parrot loves to help companies separate themselves from the flock.   One of the easiest and least expensive ways to enhance your branding and increase your presence is by the use of custom flags and tents – either at events or at your business location.


Before you call for a flag there are several factors you should consider;

  • Your budget:
    • Your budget will guide several factors in your decision.  Flag style & height, single-sided versus double-sided graphics, and the quality of the hardware will all impact your budget.
  • The location(s) you intend to use your flag:
    • Flags typically have two options available for their stands.  The spike base is used to hammer into the ground and then the flag is mounted to the spike.  If you are using indoors or on pavement, you would want to opt for the cross-base.  Many cross bases offer the option of buying a doughnut that can be filled with water to add more weight to the base for use where there may be some wind and more stability is required.  Many of our customers order the flag with both options so that they can take their flags wherever they see an opportunity to advertise.
  • The style of your flag:
    • There are so many styles of flags to choose from.  Falcon, Feather and Teardrop styles are three of the most popular styles.  They are shown on this page but if you have your heart set on some other style, don’t worry we can help you with most flag styles and sizes that are out there!
  • The height of your flag:
    • Flags can sit on your desk or they can climb in height all the way to 20′ and beyond.  You need to evaluate convenience of set up, whether it will be used indoors, and, if outdoors, how much wind will it be exposed to.  These factors should help guide you toward a range of sizes that will work for your application.


The same is true for your tent purchase;

  • Your budget:
    • Your budget will likely drive the size, quality, and style of your tent
  • The size of your tent:
    • The most common size is 10’x10 but other sizes are available ranging from 5’x5′ all the way up to 20’x10′.  Once you settle on the size do not ignore the quality.   There are several styles of frames and each has a different wind rating.  Make sure you inquire about the frame that comes with your tent.
    • Peak and Valence logos
  • The style of the graphics on your tent:
    • There are 3 main graphic styles of custom graphics that you should be aware of as well.  They are; heat press, UV print, and dye sublimation.
      • Heat press is the least expensive.  When you go this route you will choose from a 1 or 2 color version of your logo on a standard color tent.  That logo can be placed on a peak of the tent, on a valence of the tent, on both, or on as many sides as you would like.  One peak and one valence is the most common choice because the price starts to climb when more locations are chosen.
      • UV Print allows your graphic to be multi-colored and cover the entire tent canopy instead of just chosen peaks or valences.
      • Dye Sublimation is the most durable graphic solution and it also allows your graphic to cover the entire canopy.

Have we given you too much to think about?  Please give one of our team members a call and we will be happy to guide you to the solution that is best for your situation.