Custom Wallpaper

You Can Transform Your Wall into Almost Any Place or Anything


What is the difference between “wall graphics” and “wallpaper”? Wallpaper is a specific type of wall graphic.
Wall graphics can include vinyl decals, vinyl lettering, laminated or non-laminated, textured or non-textured.
Wallpaper is just that… paper.
There is another category worth mentioning – there are also more modern vinyl materials and fabrics that can be printed on and applied with wallpaper paste. They are more expensive than wallpaper but they offer many types of textured surfaces that are great for some high-end applications.
There are advantages to vinyl and fabrics and there are advantages to wallpaper. We will try to help you decide on which route to follow.


Price – It is typically less expensive than the vinyl alternatives.
Eco-Friendly – Unlike some other wall graphics, wallpaper is non-vinyl, biodegradable therefore it is nicer to the environment.
Ease of Installation – It can be produced in a standard or pre-pasted format and it doesn’t stretch so installation is easier than with vinyl.
Removal is easier than with vinyl – simply soak down the paper and peel back. No wall damage. (Vinyl can cause significant wall damage upon removal depending on the adhesive used, the wall material, and the removal method.)


Wallpaper is the best choice for many applications but not for all. Vinyl usually comes with a laminate material over the top surface. This doesn’t make it look any better but it gives it an advantage in locations where the walls need to be able to be scrubbed – restaurant kitchens and medical facilities come to mind. Laminated vinyl will do better over time in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. Lastly, wallpapers aren’t engineered for exterior walls or walls that have a rough or hard-to-stick-to surface – brick, stucco, and concrete are some examples.
Where custom wallpaper shines is when you have an interior wall that is smooth or semi-smooth. That is the vast majority of interior walls. You can transform your home or office into the location of your choice, inexpensively and without fear of damaging your walls.

Wallpaper has come a long way in the last few years.  You used to have your choice of many redundant patterns and colors but when it came to pictures, you were limited to just a few standard size graphics that were available in your local store or online.  Now any high-resolution picture or graphic can be transported onto your wall.

  • Make your small office feel larger
  • Brighten a dark room or office
  • Reinforce your brand in your workplace
  • Maintain your memories of special places
  • Mix text and pictures to make a motivational wall for your employees

If you can think it, chances are we can help you make it a reality.