Is your business up to code with ADA signs?

If it isn’t up to code, we can help you avoid potential penalties from the Department of Justice. At Black Parrot Sign Studio, we specialize in ADA signs, as well as all other types of signs for businesses. Our expertise in this area ensures that your facility will be up to code and will have all the proper ADA signage.

An ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) sign is a sign that informs everyone about important information related to people with disabilities, like handicapped parking lot stalls, exit signs, and wheelchair accessible bathroom locations. And there are certain specifics required when making each type of ADA sign. For example, letters and pictograms should contrast with their backgrounds, either dark lettering on a light background or light lettering on a dark background. If you have black writing on your sign, then it should be placed on a white background, and visa-verse. The black-and-white contrast of the sign makes it easy to read and to understand.

There are only a few fonts that the Department of Justice deems usable. Signs with calligraphy writing are not allowed, for example, because they are not easy to read. Making a sign easy to read is more important, when it comes to ADA signs, than making it look good. The Department of Justice has standards for just about every aspect of ADA signage, including the location of where braille is placed on the sign, which is supposed to be located directly below the text. There are certain details and rules that must be followed to avoid potential penalties and fines.

Whether you need help with installing handicapped signs for disabled drivers, bathroom signs with wheelchair access, or braille signs for the visually impaired, you can count on us. If you aren’t sure if your business is up to code, give us a call today, and if needed, we can come out and give you an estimate for what it will take to get you ADA compliant.

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Written by:  Black Parrot Signs