If you own a retail business, outdoor signs are pretty much a must. 

Outdoor signs can lead people from the sidewalk, into your business. It’s that simple.

Outdoor signs are one of the most important pieces of your signage solution because it’s the first thing your customer sees. Typical places you see outdoor signs are businesses with storefronts, high traffic areas, big cities, restaurants, etc. A good outdoor sign can capture your client’s attention and establish that all important good first impression. It’s a chance for your customers to see your brand from a distance. Effectively, your storefront becomes a lure for customers, encouraging them towards and drawing them into your business to purchase your amazing products and services.

Do you have an outdoor sign? Is it well presented to the public? Is it doing a good job of inviting in new customers?

Are you a restaurant looking for a great sign for happy hour? Maybe a boutique looking for something a little bit more classy?

At Black Parrot Sign Studio, we specialize in outdoor signs, as well as all other kinds of signs, for businesses in Orange County, including Tustin, Santa Ana and Irvine, CA. Whatever shape, style, color or size of outdoor sign that you need, we can make one that will draw customers in your doors.

There are many types of outdoor signs. One option that you should consider are LED lighted signs. LED signs are flashy and draw more attention to your store front. Vibrant LED signage can encourage people to take a moment and stop to view your products or services. Sometimes, if you do a good job with your signage, people will know what to expect and what you sell just by your branding and how you present yourself through your outdoor signs.

If you’re looking for help getting customers in your doors, give us a call at (714)336-1963. We’ll sit down with you and discuss how we can create a custom sign solution that can take your business to the next level. We only use the highest quality materials on our outdoors, with weather resistant materials that will withstand the elements.

Written By: Black Parrot Sign Studio