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If you are planning to advertise using vehicle decals or a vehicle wrap, you have made a sound business decision.

Several studies have determined that vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective means of spending your advertising dollars.  For example, an independent study by Arbitron found that in order to be noticed by 1,000 potential customers you would have to spend $21.46 on magazine advertising while you would spend approximately $0.35 for those same 1,000 impressions if you utilized a vehicle wrap.
How is that so? People notice good vehicle graphics… and more people see your vehicle each day than you probably realize. You leave for work in the morning. You sit at a few traffic lights on your way toward the highway. You stop for a cup of coffee in the local strip mall. You finally get on the highway and struggle through 4 lanes of slow moving traffic.You get to work and park where you can be seen from the main road. Throughout the day you may have to run some errands or just grab lunch, and then you head back home at night.
All of these mundane activities are now opportunities for your message to be seen. An average vehicle can generate tens of thousands of impressions… per day! If you were to spend $3000 for a wrap and it lasted 5 years, you would have invested $1.65 a day for a mobile company billboard. That is less than $50 per month. Where can you get that kind of bang for your advertising buck?



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