Are you searching for outdoor monument signs in Tustin, CA?

Monument signs are located on the exterior of a business and advertise to large audiences.  Monument signs are big and can grab a potential customer’s attention.  At Black Parrot Sign Studios, we can provide you with an outdoor sign solution that will make a great first impression on your customers and clients. We custom design signs that are up to code and meet your city’s regulation specs. Show your customers what to expect form your product or services with a good monument sign that will help brand your company.

Monument signs can display your company’s logo or many company’s logos for business parks and malls. Showing multiple businesses location of  with one sign.  So when a new business moves in the park or mall doesn’t have to build a new monument sign.  Often times monument signs are located at the entrance of a long road or drive way to inform people on your address and location.  Placing a monument sign where your business’ turn off is a great way to let people know you are there, even though they cant see your building.

Adding lights to your Monument sign can be visually enticing to the public. A  good lighted monument sign will leave a memorable impression and spark interest in your business. It will proudly display your business or service  to passersby, 7 days a week. We work with your brand, logo and information to become more appealing and give better marketing results.  Our monument signs create a custom look and feel that business owners desire.

We use only top quality materials that last a long time.  Our durable materials will last threw tough winters and scorching summers. We use aluminum lettering to make your monument sign stand out.  These materials can be installed quickly and maintain a professional look that impresses passers by.

Call us today, and create a custom  monument sign that emphasizes your company’s strengths and  dramatically increases your brands exposure.

At Black Parrot Sign Studios, we’re a full service custom sign and graphic design company located in Tustin, California, and we serve the entire Orange County area.  If you are looking for a monument sign, or other kinds of signs for your business, give us a call today.


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Written By:  Black Parrot Sign Studios – Tustin, CA